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The involvement of a whole customer-oriented team that works with processes and continuously improves them.


A team, motivated, dynamic and experienced, ready to adapt to any particular circumstance quickly and efficiently.


We guarantee you a perfect accessibility to all the information regarding your property.


Running a business together based on economically, socially and environmentally responsible policies, with a view to and respect for balanced and human development and progress.

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The source of inspiration for the creation of the Devimo logo comes from Rem Koolhaas’ book “The Harvard Guide of shopping” in which the world-renowned architect outlines the special importance of the invention of the air conditioning and the escalator for the development of shopping centers.

The Devimo logo is a graphic representation of the letter “D”, with the stylized profile of an escalator on the one hand, and the curved mall on the other, surrounded by large and small businesses

The history of Devimo starts with the construction of Woluwe Shopping Center in 1968

A long history and prestigious projects followed, turning Devimo into the Number 1 of Retail Property Management in Belgium

As from May 2017, AGRE carved out the management of its own shopping centers, and sold the full shareholdership of Devimo to Group Hugo Ceuster – SCMS (HCS)

So as to strengthen our position and to be close to our customers, the headquarters of Devimo & HCS are located in Brussels & Antwerp, with additional branches across the country

Devimo Consult is a member of BLSC and ICSC

Devimo Consult is GDPR compliant

Management Committee

Jan Bergé


Eric Hody

Technical Director

Sébastien Wouters

Head of IT

Thomas Goethals

Financial Directeur

Alexia Tilgenkamp

Experience and Operational
Marketing Manager

Saïda Ssamdi

HR Director